Friday 8:00 – 9:30 Connection & Dynamics: Advanced

Next 6-week series starting April 17

This series will be organized by You Should Be Dancing…!

You Should Be Dancing...! 
412 Eighth Avenue
Between 30th & 31st Streets
Fourth floor
call 212-244-0011 to register
Price for the 6 weeks: $175/person


Connection & Dynamics

Connection refers to all the subtle signals that pass from one dancer to the other as they collaborate to make expressive dance. Our investigation of "connection" will focus on variables in the embrace, like compression, stretch, balance, and tone. For example, certain beautiful movements work best with a bit of compression in the embrace. How to make that compression FEEL great? We want that kind of sensitivity. Other moves require more, or less, muscle tone. Matching your partner on these details allows a rich vocabulary of fun and beautiful steps.

Dynamics, to a musician, means the contrast of loud and soft sound. What does it mean to a dancer? Contrast among needle-sharp movement, silky-soft movement, majestically grand movement, and so forth. You'll be challenged to dance with the greater degree of contrast that makes familiar moves thrilling again. Contrast in the dynamic will often depend on a contrast in the embrace. We'll work with giros, back crosses, mini-volcadas, dibujos, cut boleos, full boleos, and tiny little vaivenes. We'll walk to the cross in a compressed, majestically grand way, as well.

If you're not quite up to the level, and you are feeling ambitious, then bring a partner to stick with. You can probably still get a lot out of the class.

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